April 8, 2017



Aaron McGray wins the 1st Metric Marathon (photo courtesy of John Borelli)

Aaron McGray wins the 1st Metric Marathon (photo courtesy of John Borelli)

Course Map     


Queen City Marathon Map




The course, sponsored by Beckman’s Greene Street Pharmacy, will start in the field at Canal Place in Downtown Cumberland.

Both FULL & METRIC Participants will enter the mostly flat C&O Canal via the footbridge and run approximately 3 miles on the crushed gravel towpath. Near Candoc Street, runners will turn-around to return to Canal Place. From there, runners will take Canal Street across Baltimore Avenue to continue on the Great Allegheny Passage Rail Trail. The first/last two miles are on pavement while the remaining are on crushed gravel.

Approximately 5 miles up the GAP trail,  METRIC runners will turn around parallel to the Cash Valley Parking Lot for a downhill return to the finish. FULL runners will continue for another 5 miles. A mile after Woodcock Hollow Road, FULL runners will turn around for a steady downhill  to the finish in front of the Canal Place stage.

FULL participants will have approximately 1100 feet of gradual elevation gain over the ten miles on the passage.




*With the unpredictable weather in early Spring, there is the possibility of ice, snow, or mud in spots. The temps can range from frigid to warm within a few hours. Rain is highly likely. Please prepare accordingly.

Brush Tunnel Photo courtesy Deborah Lazerson

Brush Tunnel
Photo courtesy Deborah Lazerson

*Gaitors are recommended but not required.

*The course goes through the Brush Tunnel near mile 12 & 16. It is supposed to be lit but this  is not a guarantee.

*After experimenting with the cup-free philosophy in 2015, the QCM Board analyzed runner & volunteer feedback. For 2017, it is recommended that participants carry a personal container but it is not required. Participants must be able to traverse 4 miles at a time between aid stations.

*The course will be open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. No early starts. FULL participants must be able to maintain a 16 minute per mile pace. METRIC participants must be able to maintain a 25 minute per mile pace. See the cut-off times here.


Aid Stations


Water will be supplied at all stations. Electrolytes will be available at select locations.

Aid stations will be located near the main road crossings:

  • Candoc Street (mi. 3, first turn-around),
  • Canal Place (mi. 6) *Restroom Facilities *
  • Valley Street Trailhead Parking Lot (approx. mi. 7 & 25)
  • Dakota Ave (approx mi. 9 & 23)
  • Cash Valley Rd (approx mi. 11 & 21) *Portajohn *  Turn-Around for METRIC
  • Woodcock Hollow Rd (approx . 15 & 17… 1 mile from turn-around). *Portajohn * FULL only

Restroom facilities will be available at Canal Place. A portable toilet will be available at Cash Valley Road and Woodcock Hollow Road. If the need arises elsewhere on the course, please adhere to common trail etiquette.

Spectators are welcome but discouraged from blocking traffic or the path of other trail users. The best places to cheer on the runners:

QCM Aid stations-GPS and directions

  • Canal Place
  • Valley Street
  • Cash Valley Rd
  • Woodcock Hollow Rd

If anyone accompanying a participant would like to volunteer during the race, please email queencitymarathon@gmail.com